International Journal of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IJBLS) Vol. 13, No. 1: 1-76
April, 2024  【PDF】


Advancing the Laboratory Profession!
Patricia Tille
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci 2024(13)1:4 【PDF】
Research articles
► Research article: Generation of a Diagnostic Algorithm that Utilizes ESR and CRP Values in the Detection of Osteomyelitis in Patients with Comorbidities
Mindy Manek, Vicki S. Freeman, Jose H. Salazar, Juan U. Rojo

Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci 2024(13)1:5-14 【Abstract】  【PDF】

Research article: Using Simulation to Introduce Students to a Medical Laboratory Information System
John Jimenez, Tamera Alpaugh

Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci 2024(13)1:15-20 【Abstract】  【PDF】

Research article: Antimicrobial Resistant Trend of E. coli and ESKAPE Pathogens from Urine Cultures in Central Alabama
Tracy Camara, Li Qian, Angelique Korbecki, Ngoc Le, Ann Chambers
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci 2024(13)1:21-31  【Abstract】  【PDF】 

Research article: Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Low Resource Setting: A Case Study of a Nigerian Tertiary Healthcare Facility
Adesokan Joseph Oluwatobi, Sanni Olaniyi Felix, Abiodun Olaiya Paul, Odunlade Adekola John
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci 2024(13)1:32-40  【Abstract】  【PDF】 

Research article: Action Plan for the Future – the Situation for Biomedical Laboratory Scientists (BLS) in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden
Sophie Godau, Mette Lundstrøm Dahl, Åge Winje Brustad, Bente Alm, Kaija Sopenlehto, Gabriella Lillsunde Larsson
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci 2024(13)1:41-49 【Abstract】  【PDF】

Research article: Optimizing Adherence: Social Support and Inclusion in HIV Counseling for High Viral Load Patients in Abuja, Nigeria
Salami Aisha Oluwakemi, Sanni Olaniyi Felix, Abiodun Paul Olaiya, Salami Habeeb
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci 2024(13)1:50-63 【Abstract】  【PDF】

Review articles
► Review Article: Creating Psychological Safety in the Medical Laboratory Science Profession: From Workplace Culture to Education
Heather Hilgart, Patricia Tille, and Beth Warning

Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci 2024(13)1:64-75 【Abstract】  【PDF】



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