The International Journal of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IJBLS) is an on-line peer-reviewed journal published bi-annually by International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences (IFBLS).

The journal is intended to disseminate information and knowledge to the international laboratory community by accepting a variety of manuscripts for publication. Those manuscripts should be original research articles, literature or mini-reviews, case studies, brief communications and letters to the editor describing original investigations in all fields of biomedical laboratory sciences.

The journal covers several major disciplines: clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, clinical serology and immunology, hematology, transfusion medicine, clinical virology, clinical bacteriology and mycology, clinical microscopy, histopathology, cytology, quality control and quality management, laboratory management, education and ethics, laboratory safety and any important topics or issue related to the biomedical laboratory science.

Editorial Board

Patricia Tille, PhDEditor in Chief
Patricia Tille Ph.D MLS (ASCP) AHI (AMT) FACSc
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hassan A. AzizAssociate Editor of Education and Administration
Hassan A. Aziz PhD, FACSs, MLS(ASCP)cm
Camilla HesseAssociate Editor of Transfusion Medicine
Camilla Hesse, PhD; lic BLS
Gary M. ReynoldsAssociate Editor of Histopathology
Gary M. Reynolds Ph.D
Indu SinghAssociate Editor of Hematology

Indu Singh, Ph.D. MAIMS, FIBMS

Francois Christiaan SmitAssociate Editor of Biochemistry

Francois Christiaan Smit, PhD

Ann Kristin TvetenAssociate Editor of Molecular Biology

Ann-Kristin Tveten, Ph.D

Technical EditorMarie Nora Roald Photo3
Marie Nora Roald



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