Mini-review: Warning Markings for Laser Products in the Medical Laboratory
Dennis Mok, Geraldine Budomo Dayrit, Naira Eloyan, Sharfuddin Chowdhury
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci 2021(10)2:67-70【PDF】

The purpose of this paper was to provide reasonably feasible guidance for the International Standard ISO 15189:2012 accredited medical laboratory to support the implementation of relevant equipment hazard information provision to laboratory personnel by ensuring the usage of laser warning markings is within acceptable specifications. Guidance documents from selected international organizations were identified: the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the International Electrotechnical Commission, and the International Organization for Standardization. This study identified relevant requirements from the selected organizations (n = 3) associated with implementation of laser warning markings in the medical laboratory. The information could be used to develop conformity checklists for internal auditing, if required. The present paper has provided a practical contribution to established knowledge of International Standard ISO 15189:2012 accreditation compliance management in the provision of relevant equipment hazard information relating to laser hazard warning markings to laboratory personnel.

Key words: Accreditation, management audit, quality improvement, quality management.

Current Issue

2020 Vol.9. No1


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