A new product, BioCoolR, to combat free-living amoebae in water
Amir Saeed1,Gunnar Sandstrom
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci  2013  2:5-8 Abstract】 PDF

Acanthamoeba is a suitable model to study eukaryotic cells as regards disinfectants, survival and growth. It could be a general model for such studies and can represent several eukaryotic human parasites. In the present study a new disinfectant product BioCoolR was tested for ability to kill Acanthamoeba castellani a free-living amoebae present in the environment. By count of the viable cells 2% of final concentration of BioCoolRsubstance inhibits viability of A castellani.after 1, 2 and 24 hour according to the p value of t-test which was 0.002, 0.049 and 0.001 respectively.
Key words: water, amoeba, parasits

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