The Reading of Journals by Biomedical Scientists in Relation to Evidence-Based Practice
Liikanen Eeva Kaarina, Ahonen Sanna-Mari
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci  2011  1:27-33 Abstract】 PDF

The aim of this study was to analyze Finnish biomedical scientists' (BS) reading of journals in relation to evidence-based practice (EBP). Sources of information, reading activities and related factors were examined. A web-based survey was sent to 925 BSs in three university hospital laboratories, producing a response rate of 36% (n = 337). The BSs read a total of thirty-six different scientific journals. Fifty four percent of the BSs did not read scientific journals at all. The BSs surveyed read more professional than scientific journals. The most important sources of information related to work were: reported practice in the workplace,; individual's own experience; knowledge acquired during degree-level education; instructions from clinical biochemists and/or laboratory doctors; and knowledge learnt from fellow employees. BSs with higher level education read all types of journal more often than BSs educated to diploma level. BSs who had participated in research projects were more likely to read journals. BSs who considered their knowledge to be "better" than others in their profession or who valued research read scientific journals more often than others. BSs who discussed research with their colleagues also read more scientific journals than those who did not discuss research. The findings highlight the importance of encouraging BSs to read scientific journals and making this possible both at work and in their free time.
Key words: vidence-based practice, journal, biomedical scientist, read

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