Core Competences - A Mixed Methods Study of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists in Norway
Synnøve Hofseth Almås, Atle Ødegård
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci  2015  4:23-33 【Abstract】 【PDF】
Background: This study describes how a sample of Norwegian biomedical laboratory scientists perceive their profession's core competences.
Method: An explorative sequential mixed method was conducted based on two rounds of data collection and includes qualitative and quantitative data. In a pilot study, seven biomedical laboratory scientists, from a middle-sized and a smaller hospital, contributed in a qualitative research interview. The interviews were transcribed and analyzed. In a main study, a questionnaire containing 36 statements was developed to investigate the biomedical laboratory scientists’ perceptions of their core competences. The questionnaire was forwarded to a random selection of 2000 biomedical laboratory scientists. A total of 587 respondents completed the questionnaire, giving a response rate of 29.3 per cent. Results and conclusion: The results of the interviews showed that biomedical laboratory scientists perceived their core competences as basically related to analyses and the quality of biomedical laboratory work. The data analysis of the responses from the survey revealed seven factors describing core competences in biomedical laboratory processes. The factors include pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic competence, in addition to co-mentoring skills and collaborative competence.
Key words: quality, analysis, core competence, biomedical laboratory scientist, collaborative competence

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