Survey of External Quality Assessment Scheme for Blood Bank Laboratories in Taiwan
Chuan-Liang Kao, Yang-Yang Huang, Whay-Sue Lin, Lei-Fa Chang, Dong-Tsamn Lin
Int. J. Bio. Lab. Sci  2011  1:15-20 Abstract】 PDF

To evaluate the competences of medical laboratories of blood banks in Taiwan, the long term survey of External Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) on blood bank laboratories from 1998 to 2005 in Taiwan were performed and analyzed. The participation in EQAS was not mandatory, so the proficiency samples were only delivered to the laboratories that agreed to participate in the scheme. All the participants were requested to perform the testing with routine protocol. The items of proficiency tests were composed of ABO grouping, RhD typing, antibody screening and identification as an option. Correct rates of different test items, varied scales of laboratories and test methods were compared. The results indicated the correct rates of ABO grouping range from 93.9% to 100 %, and 98.7% as an average. As for RhD typing, it ranged from 90.6% to 100%, average rate was 97.5%. Average correct rate of antibody screening and antibody identification were 88.6% and 97.1% respectively. The use of multiple methods for antibody screening achieved higher correct rates than using single method only. The error rate of antibody screening in the district hospitals and in the private laboratories was higher than in the medical centers and in the regional hospitals. The blood bank performance in Taiwan has achieved high competence by using EQAS and the laboratories can keep continuous quality improvement in blood transfusion service. For equivocal samples, blood bank laboratories are recommended to use more than one method for antibody screening to elevate their correct rates. EQAS is beneficial for quality control of blood bank laboratories and the continuous improvement of their competences.
Key words: ABO grouping, antibody screening, antibody identification, EQAS

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